Traditional Tunes for Cello

Folk Cello Sheet Music vols. 1, 2 and 3

I have created three packs of digital (pdf) sheet music for traditional tunes for cello. These packs are different from other packs of folk cello music because every tune comes in several versions:

  • A solo version optimised for cello, which you can play by yourself or in a group where you’re the main melody instrument. This version is transposed down an octave and a fifth, to fit on the cello on the same positions on the strings as would be played on a violin.
  • A session version that’s for playing with other people (e.g. fiddle players) who will usually play the tune in a different key to the one that’s ideally suited to a cello. This version takes the guess-work out of which octave to play the tune in. These versions are useful if you want to start a tune off, or occasionally want to play the melody.
  • A bassline version for playing in sessions. This is where the cello can bring depth to group music-playing that the higher-pitched instruments cannot. These versions can be used in sessions, ceilidh bands, and as simply violin and cello duets.

All versions of each tune come with chord symbols, and the cello parts are written in bass clef.

Each pack contains 40 tunes. The names of the tunes included are listed on the product page for each volume.

The "solo and session" bundle includes all three volumes at a discounted price.

This video shows the three different versions and how they can be used: